how did you first discover YUNGBLUD?

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First, i love machine gun kelly and when he dropped the song "i think i'm okay" i was soooo excited. The song was with YUNGBLUD and i was curious about his music and that's when the love started <3

What is one thing about YUNGBLUD you love?

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that he has his own style and i love ittt!!! his own style in music and clothes.

what's your favorite song?

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my favorite song is "i think i'm okay" with machine gun kelly, but i also love "loner" and "parents"

what do you think is Dom's most underrated song?

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Machine gun

what song do you not like that much?

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doctor doctor

favorite videoclip

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i actually love every musicvideo, but my favorites are "i think i'm okay" and "parents" oh shit or "hope for the underrated youth"

thank you for reading my article, have a nice day