Last year I did this same review on the show, so here I am for the second part.


The good

All of it. I mean, most of it. For real. I loved it. This is truly one of these shows you watch in one go, screaming and clapping in between episodes.

To not make the answer sooo boring and cliché, I'll list some of my favourite things, moments and characters.

Omar and Ander

I LOVE THEM. And it isn't just because they're cute... I loved the way they became a very complex couple, going through all these crazy yet mundane situations. First the "we can't keep doing this secret relationship thing", then the "I'm finally free and I'm going all out but Ander doesn't seem on board", next the "I have to keep an awful secret so I act weird", and finally the "you did something bad and you think you don't deserve me but I still want you". They're relatable and heartwarming. Also, my favourite characters nex to Valerio.

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This guy stole my heart. I'm not a friend of drugs, but I'll like to be a friend of all his other sides. He's fun but also sentimental, caring, wild... I like his vibe (also, Jorge is Chilean, like me, so I like him even more).

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Nadia and the confession scene

My. favourite. one. I was speechless. So precious. I still don't have words to describe it, so I leave it here...

The soundtrack

Ohhhhh... the songs in the opening title were always a jam, all episodes. Good job, good job.

A good human collected it... (▼)

Thank you.

The quotes

For some reason, this season is full of good, powerful, inspirational quotes. I actually took notes of some of them. Might post them later.

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The bad

It's not bad, but it could be better.

The cast doesn't look young enough for their characters' age. I love them, and I wouldn't change any of them, but if you come and tell me that Guzmán looks like a 16/17/18 years old teen, I'm gonna fight.

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The ugly

Nano still isn't free.

Ahh, so unfair. As life itself.

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Ok! We're done!

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it a ton.

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Hope you're having a beautiful day, all the love. LR. x

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