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i'll try to continue my love yourself serie for a few weeks :)

today i wanted to write about how i (and i'm sure i'm not the only one) tend to compare myself so much to others, to a point where i'm sometimes jealous of other's features and personalities.

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.what is it all about ?

we can never fit all the standards of beauty, we can never be as perfect as expected… but that doesn't stop us from trying to.

going back to school, i met new girls who are way more sociable than me, "prettier" than me, smarter than me,...
half of me is saying "hey don't give a f, we're all different and that's okay", but half of me is feeling like shit…
i can write as many articles about self-love as i want, it doesn't stop me from feeling low sometimes.

and as we only see one side of the persons we don't really know, it's easy to idealize them, to think they're so perfect and better.

.tell me whyyyy?

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.jealousy is basically: "i want what you have" // "i want to be like you are".

i don't know about others, but as for myself, the problem is that i set my expectation really high, want to be the best and then get jealous when someone's better the me.
but guess what : you can't be the best at everything.

growing up with others, it's hard to not compare myself because i'm always remembered that i'm "lacking" of certain things..
i guess one key is understanding that i'm not lacking of anything, but an own individual who has her own particularities.

.little things i learned other time.

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  • get away from negative things.

social medias are terrible for self-esteem and self-love.
scrolling through my feed, i just get jealous and angry at myself. there's nothing positive about it so as soon as i notice i'm doing it, i force myself to stop.

  • little step by little step.

i won't love the whole myself and think i'm amazing over a night, so i'm working on small things over the time.
i'm starting to accept my weight, my acne, my pretty awkward social skills…
it's not easy and takes time but it's nice to see the progresses.

  • remember from how far you come.

it's hard to see that it takes time, but it's easier once you realize that it was much worse before and that it's going at its own pace, slowly but truly.

  • surround myself with uplifting people.

the type of persons you're around will highly influence you so you need to pick the good ones, not people who make you feel bad/worse, but rather better & happy!

  • follow positive habits.

as soon as i notice i'm comparing myself and degrading myself, i try to make a list of 5 things i like about myself. i'm not sure it'll work for everyone but each person should find what works for them.

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it's not easy to stop jealousy/comparison, and it takes so much time.. i'm not even sure it's possible to completely eradicate it, but with some efforts, it's easier to live with it.
noticing the bad habits and replacing them with positive ones is a solution from my point of view. i hope this article can help u too and that you'll read it if u need to!

as always, take care, love u <3

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