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Hello everone I love to make a part two of this because I watch alot of new idol anime since I made mine other article almost 2 years ago. So I will make a new list with some other Idol anime Girls I love alot! Maybe not al girls are idols but some but Band girls are also included!

My other article!

#1 Mirai Momoyama - Kiratto Pri☆chan

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Like Lala from Pri Para Mirai is really lovely and likeable! I like her idol dresses and Her singing voice is awesome! I also love her pink her and the way she is never give up!

#2 Cyan Hijirikawa - Show By Rock!!

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Cyan is pretty shy but opens up and becomes more open and social in during the serie. I love her cat girl style and she is too adorable!

#3 Junko Konno - Zombieland Saga

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This old school idol is so cute and adorable. I like her style!

#4 Saki Nikaidou - Zombieland Saga

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I love her gangster style! She is a great cool type idol.

#5 Sakura Minamoto - Zombieland Saga

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This girl does everything for her friends and to become a good idol! I lover her positive personality!

#6 Wakaba Harukaze - Aikatsu Friends!: Kagayaki no Jewel

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I love this girl. Like Akari of the Original aikatsu! serie is Wakaba super cute and a little clunzy! I like her style and she also work hard to become a great Idol! Too bad Aikatsu Friends! 2 not give her that much screen time before the new serie is coming up.

#7 Arisa Ichigaya - BanG Dream!

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One of my favorite Tsundere girls. Arisa is smart and also really great with her keyboard!

#8 Kae Hiiragi - Re:Stage! Dream Days♪

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She is so cute and also funny and little bit a nerdie/idol fan kind of Idol. She is my favorite girl in Re:Stage! Dream Days♪

#9 Sakuya Shirayuri - Aikatsu Friends!

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I loved her since the first time I saw her! She is so cute and pretty!

#10 Kaguya Shirayuri - Aikatsu Friends!

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I love Kaguya even more than Sakuya she is a little clunzy and adorable! She also a great idol!

#11 Iori Minase - The iDOLM@STER

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I love Iori style and she is adorable, She is a great idol and also a great charachter!

#12 Sara Shane - Charlotte

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I love her voice and she is really cool!

#13 Leah Kazuno - Love Live! Sunshine!! 1+2

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I love her style and she is pretty cool!

#14 Ruby Kurosawa - Love Live! Sunshine!! 1+2

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Ruby is too adorable and cute! I love the way her shy style makes her really relatable!

#15 Dia Kurosawa - Love Live! Sunshine!! 1+2

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At first I don't were a big fan of Dia but I start to love her during the second season! She is a great older sister and I love her style!

#16 Moa - Show By Rock!!

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She is so adorable! I love the fact she is also from a other planet like Cyan and a princess!

#17 Nino "Alice" Arisugawa - Fukumenkei Noise

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I love Alice/Nino since the beginnen of the manga and I love her singing voice in the anime! Nino is kind and naive. I love her a lot!

#18 Non Manaka - Pri Para

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Non is really cute just like her sister Lala. I love her sassy style as well!

#19 Yusa Kurobane - Charlotte

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Yusa is a cutie and I love her positivity!

#20 Miou Suguri - Fukumenkei Noise

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I love Miou she is a great singer and I love her style. She is cool!

#21 Lily Hoshikawa - Zombieland Saga

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I love Lily she is adorable and I love her positivity!

#22 Mirai Asuka - Aikatsu Friends!

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I love Mirai is so awesome and a great pop Idol!

#23 Aine Yuuki - Aikatsu Friends!

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I love this cutie! She is a great hard working idol!

#24 & 25 Carole and Tuesday - Carole & Tuesday

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They so great! I love them so much and they singing voices are great and I love all they songs!
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This the end of this article bye bye. Maybe make a part 3!