hihihi! i like to listen to music while i study or do my homework so i lower the volume and kind of use it as background music, and here's the playlist i use for that.


daylight by taylor swift
it's nice to have a friend by taylor swift
cornelia street by taylor swift
afterglow by taylor swift
state of the grace (acoustic) by taylor swift
i almost do by taylor swift
this love by taylor swift

lover and Taylor Swift image Image by Valentina Villar

prom dress (acoustic) by mxmtoon
blame game (acoustic) by mxmtoon
high and dry (acoustic) by mxmtoon
dream of you (acoustic) by mxmtoon
the idea of you by mxmtoon
cliche by mxmtoon

Image removed idol and mxmtoon image

say anything by girl in red
we fell in love in october by girl in red

bisexual, gay, and lesbian image artist, bisexual, and gay image

exhale by sabrina carpenter
pretty girl by clairo

sabrina carpenter image clairo, girl, and claire cottrill image

let's fall in love for the night by finneas
sunkissed by khai dreams

Temporarily removed aesthetic, art, and artsy image


thanks for reading!