If I had $1 000 000 i would ...
I would be so thrilled, if you don't know this about me. I was born in a poor house hold raised by a magnificent single mother that made sure i got everything i ever wanted and needed. SO I am pretty sure when i recieve that amount of money i would know how to use this money wisely.

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well if the money is in dollars and im here in south africa i think that would be A lot of money.
so I would use the money to buy my very own house, my dream house. My mother will live with me and the house shall be hers too. I want the house in the estates. i currently share a flat with my mother and share a bedroom with her so when we get that i will make sure that om and i get our own bedrooms (I will make another article describing my dream house)

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then I would buy a car. a mini cooper or a range rover in black. bruh like i would litraly die for that car.

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Then i would most of the remaining money into my education. i want to study further after high school, i want to major in pyscholgy and i cant wait. i would pay for my books and studdies. if theres still left overs

i would give it to my mother to spoil herself and some to my cousins and familly members too.

Im sorry you thought i would go wild with this money but i am a rational person and i need to fulfil the long term goals not temporary goals. like i aint going to waste my money on branded clothes , which will run out of style sooner or later.

but anyways hope you enjoyed this article.
what would you do with a million?