Hi! today I just wanted to do an article dedicated to my closest friends because I love them ♡. Enjoy!!

_____________ M E ♡ ______________

dreamy, fashion, and flowers image blue, blue eyes, and eyes image art, paint, and aesthetic image girl, hair, and braid image
dreamy, always wears cute clothes, love art, childish girl.

__________ M A R I O N A __________

feet image guitar, music, and photography image Chica, cabello, and dreadlock image concert and party image
really sociable and sweet, loves parties, hippe style , don't worry about anything .

____________ N O R A _____________

girl, hair, and blonde image Temporarily removed blond, blue eye, and blue eyes image animal, cute, and hedgehog image
bad ass, sassy, intelligent, weed lover jeje, miss her soo much

___________ A I T A N A ___________

jeans, body, and aesthetic image girl, glowing, and hair image Temporarily removed air, air max, and fashion image
seductive, friendly, loves party, fighter but sweet.

_____________ L I N A _____________

Devil, girl, and shadow image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nails, tumblr, and aesthetic image
boys magnet, exotic, beautyfoll af, rude but we still love her xD ♡

____________ J A N A _____________

fashion, style, and hoodie image bunny, cute, and rabbit image summer image Temporarily removed
funny, dramatic, awesome, has a rabbit called Simba ♡

__________ C A I T L I N ___________

freckles, lips, and girl image dog, cute, and animal image hair, girl, and blonde image bed, pillow, and sun image
She's my fav jejeje, my bestie, have a amazing husky, loves staying in bed all dy but also going to partys ; )

___________ J U D I T H ____________

girl, alternative, and grunge image aesthetic, graffiti, and grunge image edgy, aesthetic, and grunge image alcohol, aesthetic, and grunge image
she's that e-girl that loves black and Billie Eilish, but she's the sweetest gils I've ever met as well.

___________ A F R I C A ___________

Image by Kim Paws angel, Devil, and couple image aesthetic, dark, and edgy image body, aesthetic, and nails image
sexy, bad ass, loves long nails and taking pictures of her, always with a cigarette in her hand

Thank u soo much I hope you like it, because I worked soo hard on it :')

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