Its rolling around to my favourite holiday, Halloween! And what better way to start feeling festive then watching a load of spooky films? Here are my favourite seasonal films for people who aren't really into horror films:

- Coraline
- The corpse bride
- Frankenweenie
- Hokus pokus
- The nightmare before Christmas
- Paranorman
- Casper

And for those who like a good scare, here are some more gory and thrilling movies:

- Beetlejuice
- Nightmare on elm street (1-5)
- Halloween (there so many of them and they're all really good)
- Friday the 13th (1-7 I think)
- When a strenger calls and when a stranger calls back
- Saw (all of them! the first one if my favourite)

I hope this is helpful and gives you some good ideas about what to watch this season! xoxo