Hello, folks and welcome back to another edition of my monthly playlists.

I really hope you enjoy it and maybe you'll even find your next fave song on here.
let's get to it.



ballet, black, and dance image black, dark, and moon image
  • artist/s: younotus, janieck, senex
  • genre/s: dance/electronic

you're somebody else

aesthetic, dark, and flowers image dark image
  • artist/s: flora cash
  • genre/s: alternative/indie

happy pills

Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, theme, and grunge image
  • artist/s: weathers
  • genre/s: alternative/indie


Temporarily removed grunge, aesthetic, and dark image
  • artist/s: beyoncé
  • genre/s: musical soundtrack

'till i collapse

mirror, black and white, and photography image black and white, grunge, and header image
  • artist/s: eminem
  • genre/s: hip-hop/rap


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • artist/s: one direction
  • genre/s: pop


That's it for this sunny saturday.

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Finally, I hope that you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and I'll write to you in the following days.

- Rana