Thomas Grey

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"You don't think I wanna make them sufer!? They took everything from me! But what if something happens to her?
That is a price I'm not willing to pay"

Jasmine Collins

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"I'm tired of being scared!
I'm a muggle born if the war is coming the chances I make it out alive aren't very high and I rather go down fighting!"


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"We are the bad kids is what we do and we won't change no matter what you say...
So if you don't mind I have a drink and a girl to get to


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"We can't trust her... I know how people like her work...
She isn't loyal to us and no matter how much she loves you she will stand with her friends"

Samantha Aurdun

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"No you have no idea who she is... That girl makes man knell for her before she kills them
And that's why she is dangerous because true evil is above all seductive..."

Alice Longbottom

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"Professor McGonnagal looked at Alice II and James Sirius and couldn't help but see Lily and James Potter.
It gave her peace, she now knew for sure that when two souls are meant to be they find a way..."