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Twisted Wonderland is an upcoming adventure, rhythm app being created by both Disney Japan & Aniplex. Where the characters & plot are created by Black Butler’s Yana Toboso.

Pearl De Cascade

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Pearl, like the undersea gemstone. And Cascade, like a small waterfall flowing over a steep rocky slope.


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Light tan/peachy skin, long wavy silver-blonde hair, ocean blue eyes


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Octavinelle, inspired by the pity of the Sea Witch & created in the spirit of benevolence. The students run a cafe called the “Monstro Lounge.”


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Kindhearted, affectionate, childish, cheerful, emotional, goofy, fun lovin’


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The students of Octavinelle are required to dress “properly,” but Pearl prefers to be comfy. She only dresses up for gigs, but wears her signature fedora.


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Pearl is a very skilled dancer, learning a thing or two from friends of her father. She’s also the entertainment for the cafe.


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Orphaned at the age of 1, Pearl was found in a festive little town by a ringleader named Victor De Cascade, also known as the Circus King for his incredible traveling magic-using circus. He renamed the girl & Pearl grew up surrounded by loving people & festive nights. When the circus hit the jackpot in a luxurious city, they had more then enough money to send Pearl off to college.


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Of course the head honchos of her dorm, taking her under their wings on how to make a good deal. And surprisingly, Pearl gets along with the main trio of Savanaclaw. Being besties with Ruggie. They all give her the confidence she needs before a gig.

Love Interest

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Floyd’s more of a flirt than his twin, but both know how to make her flustered. Leona is sorta the same, but he just puts less effort.