Ok let me just start off by saying I was just going to watch one episode in the middle of the night, which was the biggest mistake ever because I realized it was 3AM in the morning and I couldn’t stop watching the show. I need to find the other season once this one is completely done.

I was thrown off by having commentators I thought I would get annoyed by them, but I didn’t I found them to be funny. 85% I would agree to what Ryota Yamasato would say so I liked that there was someone there watching it and thinking the same as me.

My favorite person in the group will have to be Risako Tanabe. I love that at first she looked like she was going to be a pushover but that not the case she says what’s on her mind and doesn’t let anyone get in her way (cough cough Haruka). Make me kinda sad that the Commentators don’t really talk about her good moments they seem to only care about Haruka (which annoys me). I loved that every time Haruka was making plans with the guys Risako is into she doesn’t let it slide and made sure she also knew that she has plans with them also. The look Haruka makes when that happens, makes me think she not really a good actor. It was missed up that she spilled Haruka feeling to Kenji but DAMM that fight she murder Haruka with the “I’m Really done with your victim narrative” I just want that meme was a lot of dudes pop up going ooooooohhh!!!! haha

The most person I can relate to would be Ruka Nishinoiri, who doesn’t know what I want to do with my life and I really don’t have talent especially in cooking, but he inspired me to want to start to learn to cook. I think he would be cuter with a gentlemen haircut when he had that cap on backward moving his hair from his face he looks way more handsome. Really sad that he and Risako didn’t click but I really hope they become best friends, they’re so cute together especially when he was worried when she was out so late and would have picked her up anywhere she was.

Don’t really trust Haruka Okuyama, I believe in 100% what the commentators said about her wanting to take what she doesn’t have (the boys). I really believe she just wants everyone’s attention and wants to be the hot sh*t which I don’t get, to me I believe Risako is way more pretty than her. I really wanted to like her because of her hobbies but I really don’t like her attitude.

Kinda scared if the Commentators are right about Kenji Yoshihara, which he can open more and be more sensitive to people’s feelings. Felt so bad when Kaori Watanabe was talking about her art and crying I just wanted to jump into the show and give her a hug. I really like that Shohei Matsuzaki doesn’t take side he just gives his opinion about the situation and that it, it really looked in a way that Haruka wanted him to take her side but he was like na you both are dumb work it out. But for really these three need to open up more, they really haven’t done much at all.

Can’t wait for the second part


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