Name: Felix Greenfield


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Curly brown hair. Toned body, Long neck, Strong hands

His Life:

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He'd known the Gallaghers since he moved in across the street when he was 13, they didn't know much about his home life. He would come over and hang out with the kids, usually asking if he could sleepover. They later found out his uncle was a raging addict, he never hurt him, it wasn't in his uncles heart, but Felix couldn't stand to be around him like that. As they grew older, Felix became more violent, picking fights where he could, sneaking out of his house, and drinking alone


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Flannels, Skinny jeans, Vans, Hoodies, Layered clothes, Jean jackets


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Lip and him got along from day 1. Growing up him Ian and Felix would get high at the baseball fields, Lip was the first to know Felix was Bi
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He saw Fiona as a sister, they loved each other like family, they both made it obvious they would kill for each other. He often looked back at the times she would get rid of the girls who wouldn't take no for an answer and often helped at Patsies
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He used to think Carl was psychotic, but as he grew up they got closer and Felix treated him like a brother. Felix helped take the corn rows out of his hair when Nick killed a kid and often gave him advice
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He felt uncomfortable with Debs at first, she had a crush on him which made him uneasy when she would come out with makeup after hearing his voice in Ian's room. But she was over it soon and she saw him as a brother
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Best friends since he moved to the south side. He was like her brother, he went off on a few guys who wouldn't leave her alone on her way home and they've been friends ever since
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Felix tried his hardest to flirt with Mickey as often as he could, he found it hilarious how a small wink would make Mickey so uncomfortable. But when Felix needed someone to talk to, Mickey gave advice the best he could, at least before telling him to fuck off
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Kev and V were like his parents, V liked to think about the times he would come over and she would bandage him up after hitting his wall too many times. Kev gave him advice when he thought he was in love with a boy for the first time
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Hated him. They couldn't stand each other half the time. Of course in the sweetest moments they could speak to each other, but it's mostly snarky comments between the two

Love Interest:

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Ian. Growing up he'd try to show Ian he was interested, when he got with Cash he thought he had no chance, then when he got with Mickey he had almost completely let go of the idea. Then one day, during a fight Felix had started, while they were screaming Felix couldn't stop himself and soon found himself with Ian's lips on his before they both undressed