It's kind of weird to put the date as 9.11 since it was such a devastating day to all the families that lost loved ones, but I hope all of you are well. I wanted to do another questions tag since they are my most hearted articles, plus this one in particular was fun to do.

Let's us begin.

1. Who was the last person you held hands with?
The last person would have to be my sister; we were goofing off in the mall.

2. Which planet is your favorite?
I'd have to say the moon just because its the planet you see at night, and I love the stars that surround it.

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3. What kind of people are you attracted to?
I find myself attracted to people with personalities that I want to be around; like people with a sense of humor, spontaneous, goofy, ect.

4. Are you easy to get along with?
I'd have to say no, just because I have a tendency to be quite shy and reserved to strangers; I can also be a bit too sarcastic and rude at times but if your someone who I trust than you get my sarcasm and then it becomes more humorous than mean. I'm also very kind to people I know so it balances out.

5. Have you ever liked someone and never told them?
In grade school I never told my crushes I liked them but I'd hint it casually and it would likely become a friendship than anything more which I was fine with. But I don't tend to get crushes now that I'm older. If something happens it happens.

6. What is your go-to pickup line?
I find pick up lines cringy unless it's one that makes me laugh. As for my own, I've never used a line like those before.

7. What animal would you like to be?
A panda came to find first. mainly because they roll around all day and sleep which would be the life, but a house cat would be ideal because their carefree animals with lots of love from their owners.

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8. What do you do when you wake up?
Like any other person, I always scroll through all my social medias for a bit before actually getting up for the day, but some days I'll just go back to bed for another couple of hours; all depends on the day.

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9. What color are your socks?
Currently aren't wearing any but if I was they'd most likely be either black or white.

10. What are your four favorite girl names?

11. Do you prefer day or night?
I tend to stay up during the evenings, so I'd say I like nights more because their quiet, but I do also love cold days so its about even.

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12. What was your favorite middle school teacher like?
I was only in middle school for a year and a half before becoming home schooled, but of all my teachers, I did like my fifth grade teacher the best since he made learning more fun.

13. What would your dream partner be like?
I'd imagine my dream partner to be more personality than looks. If I'm able to be myself around him and vise versa than I think that's ideal. I think having that bestfriend bond in a partner is important.

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14. Write a short line about your life at age nine and at age sixty-nine.
At age 9: I was carefree and happy until I moved states to start a new school to which I found it stressful until I made myself comfortable with the new environment.

At age 69: I'd imagine myself retired and living in either a beach house living a peaceful life with my partner, or in a country side house with many land pets to care for. Most importantly, I'd want to be visited by my kids and grand kids as much as possible.

15. What are your five favorite boy names?

16. What is your zodiac sign?

17. Do you have trust issues?
Doesn't everyone?

18. Who was the last person you had a meaningful conversation with?
Close friend about personal issues.

19. Do you believe in magic?
I've seen AGT and their acts with magic and it blows my mind how they can psychologically abstract others minds but I don't really believe in magic but in other spiritual connections.

20. What are your three favorite songs at the moment?
➛ "Hollywood's Bleeding"- Post Malone
➛ "Hallucinogenics"- Matt Maeson
➛ "Cut my Lip"- Twenty One Pilots

21. When you were seven what did you want to be when you grew up?
In all honesty, I really can't remember; it would of either been a teacher or a mother.

22. Who is on your mind right now and why?
Not a soul; absolutely nothing on my mind right now.

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23. Have you ever wished to be someone else?
All the time, but when it comes down to it; I would't want to be anyone but myself. You can always fantasy though.

24. If you could go back in time and change one thing you've done, what would it be?
I would change the day that I decided to stop going to public school, I feel like I missed out on a lot of teenage experiences because of it.

25. Pick up the first book you see, open it up to page 41. What is the first line you see on the page?
""Cyra," my father said, and I stiffened, almost going still as he turned toward me. He reached for my hand, and I gave it to him, though I didn't want to. My father was the sort of man a person just obeyed."(Carve the Mark) By: Veronica Roth

And that is it; 25 unique questions to answer. Thank you if you read this far and give it a heart if you liked it. I'd also like to thank my followers for allowing me to surpass 14.6k hearters. Unit next time, loves.