It was a fall afternoon, a little breezy but warm enough to wear a sweater. As you walk down this paved path through the orange and red trees you spot a person from the distance. They seem to be sitting down on the bench. As you walk closer you start to look around trying to avoid the the fact that you are staring at them. As you pass them on the bench they say hello, you stop in shock but manage to turn and smile and greet them back. When you un-wrinkle your eyes from smiling so hard you begin to study their face. Glancing at the way their jaw is shaped and the way their nose is rounded at the end and not pointy. They stare back at you. For a moment the whole world goes silent, it’s just you and them staring into each others eyes seeing the whole world fly past. As you keep staring into their eyes you start to feel warm, your skin tingles as if someone is stroking their cold hands against your skin. You have seen the whole world through their eyes as they have through yours bonding you. After a few more seconds you glance away, both of you flustered with a tingly feeling. You kindly smile at them and nod as you move on to finish your walk. For a brief moment you feel a fire warming up your body then it’s just cool again. You continue down the path admiring all the trees as you fill your mind with other thoughts they slowly slip out of your mind to be a forever lost memory.