bonjour, everyone! recently, i finished rereading one of my favorite books, since you've been gone by morgan matson...

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...and that's when i rediscovered my love for reading. during my elementary and early middle school years, i was such a bookworm. receiving those scholastic book catalogs at school were my favorite things in the world. and when the book fairs came around christmastime? that was heaven on earth for me. however, when high school rolled around, i grew more of an appreciation for films and tv shows, as well as being sucked into the virtual world of social media. just like any other teenage girl, i'm sure. because of this, i pretty much stopped reading as a hobby.

over the past year or so, i wanted to start reading again, but i just never got around to it because of shows, movies, and social media, as previously stated. reading was even a part of my 2019 summer bucket list.

the most reading i did was for my honors english class last year where we read books like the crucible, catcher in the rye, and the great gatsby. i only got more interested in reading by the tail, tail end of this summer. so not very long ago since i'm in my first couple weeks back to school. well, i finished SYBG and i have a pretty big "to read" list. and here it is. enjoy!

1. avatar: the last airbender: the rise of kyoshi

by: f.c. yee and michael dante dimartino

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the novel explores the origin of avatar kyoshi, her creation of the kyoshi warriors, and her founding of the dai li, which ultimately led to the downfall of the earth kingdom.

2, 3, 4. crazy rich asians trilogy: crazy rich asians, china rich girlfriend, and rich people problems

by: kevin kwan

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new yorker rachel chu does not know that her loving boyfriend, nicholas young, also happens to be singapore’s most eligible bachelor and likely heir to a massive fortune. so when she agrees to spend the summer in nick’s home, her life unexpectedly becomes an obstacle course of old money, new money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers.

5. stranger things: darkness on the edge of town

by: adam christopher

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chief jim hopper reveals long-awaited secrets to eleven about his old life as a police detective in new york city, confronting his past before the events of the hit show stranger things.

6. gravity falls: journal 3

by: alex hirsch

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journal 3 from the disney tv show gravity falls brims with every page ever seen on the show plus all-new pages with monsters and secrets, notes from dipper and mabel, and the author’s full story.

7. the princess bride

by: s. morgenstern and william goldman

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a young woman named buttercup lives on a farm in the country of florin with the farm hand westley and the two fall in love. westley leaves to seek his fortune so they can marry and buttercup later receives a letter that his ship was attacked at sea. believing westley is dead, buttercup sinks into despair. later she reluctantly agrees to marry prince humperdinck, heir to the throne of florin.

8. every day

by: david levithan

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every day is about the story of a, a person who wakes up occupying a different body each day. they have their own memories, but they are also able to tap into the memories of the person whose body they are occupying.

9. stranger things: suspicious minds

by: gwenda bond

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set before the events of stranger things, this prequel novel follows eleven’s mother, terry ives, and her time as a test subject in the mkultra program, which was directed by doctor martin brenner.

10. you

by: caroline kepnes

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guinevere beck, an aspiring writer, is employed as a teaching assistant while simultaneously working on her thesis. when she strides into the east village bookstore where joe goldberg works, he is instantly smitten with her. but there is more to goldberg than beck realizes, and much more to beck than her oh-so-perfect facade. their mutual obsession quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences.

11. amy & roger's epic detour

by: morgan matson

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amy curry is not looking forward to her summer. her mother decided to move across the country and now it’s amy’s responsibility to get their car from california to connecticut. but since a car accident, amy isn’t ready to get behind the wheel. enter roger. an old family friend, he also needs to make the cross-country trip…and has plenty of baggage of his own. but as they drive, amy finds that the people you least expected may turn out to be the ones you need the most—and that sometimes you have to get lost in order to find your way home.

12. second chance summer

by: morgan matson

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sandwiched between two exceptional siblings, taylor edwards never felt like she stood out. then her dad receives unexpected, terrible news, and the family makes the last-minute decision to spend the summer together in the cramped quarters at their old lake house taylor has not visited in years. suddenly she is surrounded by memories she’d rather leave in the past—but she can’t run away this time. taylor realizes she has a second chance—with friends, with family, maybe even with love.

au revoir! - liv 🦋✨

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