Name: Carrie Kentwood


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Short black hair with bangs hanging over her forehead, Pale soft skin, Wide hips with a Large chest, and Green eyes

Her Story:

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She woke up in the hospital. Not sure what had happened. It was as if everything was a blur. Yelling, she could remember the yelling. Her boyfriend was over, he was drunk and angry and they started fighting. She remembered him hit her a few times before she passed out. When the doctor came in, some of the pieces were filled for her. He was dead. Mauled by a wolf in the woods. Her body was covered in bruises but it wasn't anything too bad. When her mom came, she broke down. Crying to her. She didn't say more than a few soothing words before calming her down and telling her to grab her things, as soon as she had gotten dressed, they left the hospital, driving the opposite way of home, her mother told her about what had happened, what she was and what she did. That there were people who could help her. That's how she ended up in Hemlock


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She was never timid, even before the transformation, but the transformation made a bigger boost in her already bold and non-interested personality


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Dark colors, skirts, dresses, tight clothes

What She Wore The School Halloween Dance:

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A little Devil ;)


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When Carrie came to Hemlock, her mom took her to Peter and Lynda's. Peter and Carrie are cousins so when they had sat her down and explained everything she would go through it freaked her out, but she felt better knowing she'd have Peter with her along the way
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She didn't really care for the small girl, but Christina made it clear Carrie intrigued her. Carrie found her quite strange and tried her best to ignore her
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Olivia didn't like her. As soon as she saw her walk walking with Shelly she grew a strong dislike to her. Especially after Roman made his fascination with her quite obvious
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Letha loved her. They both got along quickly when Carrie moved, she reminded Letha of Roman in a lot of ways
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Carrie pushed a girl into the lockers on her first day for Shelley. The girl had been mocking her and Carrie came over as soon as she saw and shoved her harshly into the lockers before basically threatening her, she smiled at Shelley and later walked with her to Romans car

Love Interest:

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Her and Roman met when Carrie walked Shelley to his car, she showed little interest in him before waving goodbye to Shelley. Something that intrigued him. Her helped her after he watched her and Peters transformation, helping her clean up. At the Halloween dance they talked outside before she kissed him, which they soon took into the bathroom