name: Sabrina Ophelia Rosewood
age: 17
birthday: December 14th 1980
nickname(s): The Girl Who Loved, Miss House Unity
era: The Lightning Era

Blood Status

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Sabrina's mother was a witch and her father was a muggle. Sabrina never knew her father and grew up with her mother in Surrey, England. There she met Harry Potter, but was told by her mother and Albus Dumbledore not to tell Harry about what had really happened to his parents and who he really was.


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The sorting hat took ten minutes to figure out where to place her, the longest of all her classmates. In the end it placed her in Gryffindor.


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wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes, full lips, and small frame.


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brave, will always stand up for what she believes in, intelligent, a bit ( ok a lot) of a hopeless romantic, will always keep a secret, strong but soft, just wants to make a difference.


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minimalistic fashion icon.


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Harry felt betrayed by Sabrina for keeping the wizarding world and the truth from him. It took him a long time to forgive her but their close childhood friendship was never the same for a while. She got along with Hermione Granger and became study buddies for the remainder of their school years. Within her house she became fast friends with Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan, however it was her friendship with Daphne Greengrass in Year 4 that changed everything.

Yule Ball

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She attended the Yule Ball with Dean Thomas, but by the end of the night her suspicions that Dean and Seamus secretly liked each other were confirmed. They wouldn't get together for another three years. That night Sabrina was more of an observer and watched both Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy pine for Hermione.

Favourite Subjects

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In Defense Against the Dark Arts she's the best fighter with the quickest reactions. She's often partnered up with Harry for dueling. She takes an interest in Charms and Transfiguration but it is in Astronomy that Sabrina befriends Daphne.


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Her patronus is a marsh harrier. Harry taught her how to cast the Patronus charm in Dumbledore's Army (and in turn Sabrina taught the Slytherins).


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Sabrina's loyalty was questioned towards the end of Year 4 when she became friends with Daphne. The Gryffindors viewed her as untrustworthy and a few including Seamus refused to speak with her. However with Voldemort's return Sabrina pushed for House Unity; as she declared she was loyal to Harry and Dumbledore's Army, but she would also remain friends with the Slytherins. When Seamus finally apologized to both her and Harry they both forgave him, but Sabrina never forgot.


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Aspen wood with a unicorn hair core, 12 and 1/4'' and unbending flexibility.


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A black cat named Friday. Sabrina's pretty sure Friday talks to her in her dreams. Friday and Crookshanks are best friends.


Harry Potter

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Harry was the first boy she ever liked, but as they grew up and apart she realized she missed her best friend. Although she never tried to insert herself into the Golden Trio, their friendship was just as important to Harry as his friendships with Ron and Hermione. Harry always went to her when he needed a fresh opinion and a change of perspective.

Draco Malfoy

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Sabrina's crush on Draco was also short-lived. After sharing a kiss during a game of truth or dare in the Astronomy Tower, Draco asked why she wasn't afraid of him or suspected he was a Death Eater. She told him she didn't believe he was evil and believed there was more to him. A friendship followed and Draco even confided in her the summer before Year 6. With her help Draco and his mother were placed under protection by the Order of Phoenix. Their Slytherin friends soon followed. They kissed a couple more times before he admitted he had feelings for Hermione. She told him she "called it" and that Blaise owed her 50 quid.

Theodore Nott

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Daphne knew instantly when Theo fell in love with Sabrina. It took Theo and Sabrina a lot longer to realize themselves. Before Harry, Ron and Hermione were meant to leave for Horcrux hunting, Sabrina was offered to go along with them. The night before she was supposed to leave Theo makes one final attempt to get her to stay and accidentally blurts out that he loves her. They spend the night together but she leaves early in the morning. The next time they see each other is Christmas Eve when Sabrina leaves the trio to return to Grimmauld Place and make up with Theo. They fight together at the Battle of Hogwarts and help defeat Voldemort. They destroyed the diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw together in the Room of Requirement. Six years later they got married and had two children. They're also godparents to Draco and Hermione's children.

The End

This is my first article! It was inspired from the tag "if i was in hogwarts" and I thought it would be fun. Making this article though really makes me want to write an au. Who know's maybe in the future?????