i decided to make an IT OC, since the new one's out and i rewatched chapter 1 yesterday, enjoy friendo

Name: Kimani "Kim" Blackstone
Gender: Female
Age: 13
DOB: June 2nd, 1975

Family: Denzel Blackstone (father), Liana Blackstone (mother), Nakala Blackstone (sister), Jib (goldfish)

Friends: Fairly acquaintanced with the Losers Club, but isn't involved with their fight with Pennywise. (She refused, actually-)


15, actress, and beautiful image eyes, aesthetic, and eye image beauty, black, and eyes image hair, vintage, and indie image
dark, freckled skin / brown eyes / curly black hair / fc young skai jackson


fashion, flowers, and nature image flowers and sweater image artsy, clothes, and vintage style image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
she likes bright colors and floral patterns / girly clothes


opinion and wrong image aesthetic, messages, and plants image quotes, dance, and think image quotes, motivation, and words image
she's headstrong, always speaking her mind / always outside exploring / carefree and careless at the same time / and very defensive of herself


fire, night, and friends image Temporarily removed
being an outdoorsy type, she likes to go camping and swimming


milkshake, food, and chocolate image Temporarily removed aesthetic, vintage, and retro image amazing, beauty, and galaxy image
she loves the stars, flowers, video games, and unhealthy foods


angry, bite, and blood image creepy, dog, and goth image
she gained a fear of dogs after being attacked by one when she was younger


Her only experience with Pennywise was in the woods she was exploring. He appeared to her as a rabid dog. She ran from him back out to the road, where he seemed to disappear entirely.


Kimani moves away when she's old enough to go to a different college in Maine, and never really returns to Derry. She goes on to become a botanist and gardener but never shakes her fear of dogs...

(the end, thanks for reading!)