Inspired by :

Style !

Temporarily removed outfit and aesthetic image girl, retro, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and grunge image Temporarily removed black and fashion image
Grunge , comfy , rocky style

Colors !

red image Temporarily removed blue, aesthetic, and clouds image background, beautiful, and beauty image art, artistic, and black image Image by amina_3asal aesthetic, flowers, and photography image flowers image
red , blue , black , grey and yellow

Jewelry !

fashion, style, and aesthetic image lana del rey, singer, and lana image ring and skull image Temporarily removed
artsy things

Appearance !

Temporarily removed girl and aesthetic image aesthetic, baby blue, and big lips image Temporarily removed
skinny , short black hair , braces , big lips , brown eyes

Nails !

nails, aesthetic, and nail art image brown, eyebrows, and eyelashes image
I don't have nails lmaoo

Animals !

dog, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image Image removed
i'm a dog person with a cat in tha house lol


food, cheese, and delicious image food, pizza, and delicious image beige, breakfast, and food image food, chocolate, and banana image coffee, drink, and food image water, lemon, and voss image
junk food , healthy breakfast , cold coffee and water ofc

Passion !

art, creative, and drawing image b&w, band, and Freddie Mercury image 2000's image books, culture, and library image
i'm an "artist" , I draw , I sing , I also love movies and books


cartoon, feelings, and mood image 2000s, 90s, and aesthetic image Image by arzu funny, quotes, and grunge image quotes, sad, and grunge image stranger things, quotes, and series image quotes, movie, and black and white image sucks, quotes, and world image
I have a dark old music soul


lost and sea image quotes, sarcasm, and art image quotes, cartoon, and cleopatra image quotes, grunge, and black image


Image by Mouna DramaQueen Algeria image Algeria, sunset, and assekrem image Temporarily removed Algeria, casbah, and alger image blue, nature, and sea image
Algeria !
architecture, cities, and italy image Image removed Image removed theme, aesthetic, and travel image
Italie !
sunset, car, and sky image california and los angeles image city, travel, and los angeles image hollywood, Ikon, and kpop image
LA !


Temporarily removed bed, cozy, and bedroom image autumn and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image
autumn and winter


Temporarily removed turtle, ouija, and ouija board image Temporarily removed aesthetic image grunge, indie, and smoke image grunge, aesthetic, and sad image
weird , dark , sarcastic , childish humour

Dreams and Goals

girl, water, and aesthetic image
I want to feel free and happy .