Lying here awake
Watching your chest go up and down
I've been sitting here a while
Trying not to make a sound
I'm glad you're finally resting
I'm glad you're sound asleep
You've been awake too much lately
Sleeping is a giant forward leap
The circles under your eyes remain
I want nothing more than to hold you
But I must refrain
And I dare not move
A slow smile creeps across your face
For a moment I think you're reading my thoughts
Then one eye opens
My heart caught
Did I do something to wake him?
Have I made a huge mistake?
He really needs to be sleeping now
So why is he awake?
He trapped me in a hug
The heart monitor sped up
Then he whispered in my ear
"All I feel for you is love."
He tugged me underneath the blanket
His arms wrapped around me
And in moments he was sound asleep
Gleeful as could be
I'd been here for days
But he didn't know
I thought he'd lost his memory
Inside his brain seemed only snow
Apparently I was wrong
He did remember me
All those nights spent under stars
Chasing away my lonely
We'd always been best friends
But I felt a little more
Little did I know he felt the same
We both wanted to open another door
I suppose he was just too scared
For long before now
But now that he was close to dying
He had to tell me before his final bow
But the doctor came in then
Smiling with good news
She said the tests were in
No need for all the blues
She said he would recover
With a little bit of help
Things were not as serious now
The snow in his mind would melt
It wasn't as she thought
His memories would reappear
In the mean time keep him warm at night
And always stay near
She said he could get out
In a week or two at most
He smiled at me
With no boast
He was innocent again
His clear blue eyes closed
His dark hair a ruffled mess
The freckles dancing over his nose
When she left he pulled me tighter
It was getting hard to breathe
But I wouldn't want to be anywhere else
I had no reason to leave

I never realized what it felt like
Napping in a hospital room
Everything was better with him
Even just watching him learn to dance with a broom
Now we're dancing every night
The radio turned up on chance
Listening to "Lights" the Journey way
I taught him how to slow dance
The butterflies remain
Every time I see him
And even though it's been years
I still have the hospital pen
Things have changed
We're married now
Two pups
We watch the clouds
The stars still wink down on us
We still sit and watch the moon
Always together
Sleeping till noon.