This are my top 10 favorite youtubers/YouTube channels that I recommend to watch .

Nicole Guerriero

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She is my ride or die youtuber. She is very humble and down to earth and also a very confident person and is always herself. She also has very informative videos which inspire us her fans. She is a blogger / beauty guru but not controversial. She makes Great content . I love watching her Halloween and blog videos the most .

Andrew TMI

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He is the most relatable youtuber ever. He is super hilarious and down to earth. He posts funny story times , paranormal/scary story times and rants.

Hailey Reese

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She is a bubbly woman and full of light . She is humble and down to earth . She is a multi-talented person. She does paranomal and story times . She has 3 channels . One where she posts her music videos , the other one where she uploads her blogs and her main channel where she posts her paranomal and story time videos.

Slapped Ham

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It is a channel where they upload paranomal, scary, mysteries, and unexplained videos. So if you like to get spooked I highly recommend this channel.

Morgan Adams

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She is very funny and is herself . She does challenges, personal vlogging adventures and travel videos.

Safiya Nygaard

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She used to work for buzzfeed but quit . She is relatable and funny . She is a blogger and does style and beauty videos. She is not afraid to be herself.


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She is a makeup artist and she does makeup tutorials as well as health and lifestyle videos. Her Halloween makeup tutorials are everything.

Joe Santagato

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He is very underrated youtuber . A comedian, like for real he is super funny. He also does challenges and skits on his videos.

Brave Wilderness

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Coyote Peterson and his crew( Mark Vins and Mario Aldecoa) do world adventures about animals in the wild and close up animal encounters.

*Ralph Larenzo *

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He does youtube music covers where he translates spanish songs in english . He honestly does an amazing job at translating the songs and he is an amazing underrated singer. My favorite cover that he has done is, Ni Bien Ni Mal

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