i've seen a couple of these articles around and i think they're really cute so i'll try to make one too!


Temporarily removed aesthetic, Harajuku, and japanese fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It pastel, aesthetic, and rainbow image
anything girly, pastel and kawaii!!


pink, aesthetic, and soft image blue, aesthetic, and cat image Temporarily removed cake, food, and strawberry image
pink, baby blue, lilac, white! pastel, pastel, pastel!!


pink, earrings, and accessories image accessory, earring, and earrings image Image by Cathy Phan Abusive image
cute, fruity earrings, delicate necklaces and pink and lace chokers are my favs!


girl, aesthetic, and tumblr image flowers, pink, and makeup image Temporarily removed red, aesthetic, and tumblr image
short, white, short black hair w bangs, brown eyes.


nails, purple, and style image nails and white image Image removed blue, manicure, and nails image
medium to long, nude or pastel.


cat, cute, and animal image cat, pink, and cute image cat, animal, and cute image cat, animal, and cake image
cats! cats! cats!


food, yummy, and china image italian, comfort food, and tortellini soup image cheese, delicious, and dinner image food, breakfast, and fruit image
japanese, italian, seafood and sandwiches !!


artist, asian boy, and blue image 60s, 80s, and 90s image figure skating, ice skating, and skater image Temporarily removed
figure skating! i love it so much


Temporarily removed study, notes, and school image pink, room, and bedroom image Image removed
tidy, organised, always try my best, live & let live.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It fun, girls, and ulzzang image crying, depressed, and sad image pink, music, and aesthetic image
sensitive, extrovert, straightforward, loud


Temporarily removed Image by bella. Jonghyun, SHINee, and album image Image removed
bts, twice and shinee are my favs, but i also like other artists, here's a little playlist: loveholic by leebada, bon bon chocolat by everglow, suncity by khalid, if we have each other by alec benjamin, oranje juice by melanie martinez, sanctuary by joji.


aesthetic, architecture, and inspiration image travel, city, and aesthetic image amazing, beach, and blue image korea, pastel, and seoul image
japan, italy, south korea.


pink, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and pink image flowers, yellow, and girl image flowers, house, and garden image

dreams and goals

Temporarily removed friends and aesthetic image Image by benedettaa aesthetic, beige, and brown image
reach my ideal weight, find love, make money, move out.

and this is it, i'm tagging everyone reading this eheh, i had a lot of fun!!