Hi guys I wanted to give you guys my list of favorite youtubers and a little info about them. I hope you guys enjoy and maybe even discover a new youtuber you may like.

1. Nicole Guerriero

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She's my ride or die, I've been watching her for years. Her vlogs are everything, I really enjoy binge watching her car ride chronicles & yesterdays. Halloween makeup videos are so freaking cool, she's always honest, non controversial & always keeping it real

2. Hailey Reese

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Videos are creepy especially her experiences with the paranormal, 31 days of Halloween & 25 days of Reesemas are everything. She is very original and creative, also very bubbly and full of light.

3. Chrisspy

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She's humble, down to earth, and such a positive person no matter how hard things are going. Her regular makeup tutorials and especially her Halloween makeup is honestly so freaking good & inspiring & I love how she is now all about body positivity, working out and eating healthy.

4. Joe Santagato

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He is funny & underrated. He does comedy skits with friends and family memebers. His most popular series on his channel is "Idiots of the Internet". He does vlogs, and even had a sports channel titled "Veterans Minimum". Additionally, he has multiple podcasts on a station called "The Basement Yard".

5. Morgan Adams

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She's herself, she's loud, funny and creative. She does a lot of vlogs about her life and adventures, comedy skits and challenges. She always keeps it real and she's honest that she is a college drop out and her reasons of why.

6. Safiya Nygaard

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Best known for her beauty and lifestyle videos. She does reviews on different and weird styles. She's funny, and very creative. Always thinking outside the box and does vlogs about different stuff when she travels. She also has her own merch which defiantly describes her aesthetic and fashion.

7. Leslie Quezada (Les Do Makeup)

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She does Facebook Live videos showing her cooking or baking. She does a lot of makeup tutorials and clothing hauls. Leslie has her own brand called "Les Do Makeup". She has merch and makeup products. She is always consistent with her videos and doesn't take breaks from uploading videos to her YouTube channel. She's always herself and she's from El Paso Texas.

8. Selene Mendez

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She is known for her chic fashion hauls and try-ons, Get Ready with Me vlogs, lifestyle entries and makeup tutorials. She's funny and she's known as "Simply Selene". She has her own boutique, and always authentic with her content. She always remembers to thank her followers for always believing in her.

9. Esmeralda Gudino

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Best known for her how-to videos, makeup tutorials and fashion inspired look books. Also an underrated youtuber who definitely deserves more recognition for her hard work. She was born in Mexico and currently resides in Texas.

10. Michelle Díaz

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Known for her beauty tutorials, fashion vlogs and became very popular after her selfie with a rose in her ear. She's also a model and she always tries to come with creative content. Always uploads new videos every week to her channel.

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