Hi! I found an article recently about this test (you can find it at the end of the article) and I thought it was very interesting, so I decided to do the test today (I'm going through some confusing times) and do it again in a few weeks, to see the evolution of my feelings and thoughts once this situation passes. Feel free to do the same! I tried to keep the answers short, but there may be some a little longer; I didn't want to limit the number of words as the answers wouldn't have been so sincere.

1. I feel _____________

quotes, life, and movie image quotes, war, and sad image

2. My mind is _____________

aesthetic, illusion, and neon image lightning, grunge, and pale image

3. A good way to relax is _____________

euphoria, aesthetic, and purple image friends, 90s, and Joey image
being with friends

4. A person just isn't himself/herself when _____________

aesthetic, stranger things, and charlie heaton image quotes, grunge, and blue image
he/she is anxious

5. It would be too easy to _____________

90's, aesthetic, and mad image red, aesthetic, and rebel image
mess everything up

6. It's hard to express feelings of _____________

aesthetic, blue, and red image love, quotes, and drunk image

7. The only thing that really matters on this world is _____________

aesthetic, alternative, and blurry image skam, isak, and evak image
love and happiness

8. Things would be great if I could _____________

anxiety, broken, and depression image heart, red, and aesthetic image
understand my feelings

9. I've never _____________

the devil, probably, and 70's movies image girl, night, and aesthetic image
fully understood me

10. I need _____________

girl, vintage, and aesthetic image hair, girl, and grunge image

11. I feel I have to _____________

Temporarily removed bad, black, and decisions image
make a decision

12. A person is most helpless when _____________

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, lonely, and pain image
she/he is in despair

13. My mother was usually _____________

Image by Lily 💍 Image by Jess Bieber
loving and caring

14. Most people think I am _____________

art, beautiful, and butterflies image fashion, outfit, and vintage image
sincere and adorable

15. Marriage is _____________

love, pewdiepie, and marzia image Image removed
a decision, not an obligation

16. I can't _____________

gif image quotes and love image
stop thinking

17. I wish I hadn't _____________

quotes, neon, and purple image quotes, sky, and wrong image
made mistakes

18. It's easy to get into trouble when _____________

movie, serie, and someone image impulsive and quote image
you're impulsive

19. When I was child I felt _____________

disney and mulan image fashion, style, and outfit image
very happy

20. I want to know why _____________

euphoria, zendaya, and sad image quotes, pulp fiction, and movie image
I do things that aren't correct and yet they feel so good

21. I am _____________

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, reality, and johnny depp image

22. Drugs are _____________

Abusive image weed, school, and grunge image

23. Worse than being lonely is being _____________

quotes, book, and heart image aesthetic, mirror, and vintage image

24. Women are _____________

beach, vintage, and 1950s image aesthetic, art, and classic image

25. I hate _____________

grunge, Halloween, and red image Abusive image
how unreasonable I am sometimes

26. When frustrated I _____________

quotes, aesthetic, and feelings image hug and life image
tend to despair

27. The thing I remember about my father was _____________

daughter, family, and father image Image by Lily 💍
how youthful he always was

28. In the future there will be _____________

quotes, words, and future image girl and smile image
a chance to be happy

29. Compared to most families mine usually _____________

children, family, and kids image cat, disney, and smile image
was united and loving

30. What excites me is _____________

love, you, and crush image before sunrise, movie, and ethan hawke image
the first steps towards being in love

31. I don't like people who are _____________

Image by َ bisexual, Transgender, and asexual image
closed minded

32. I think most girls should _____________

girl, flowers, and cottagecore image decision, away, and fight image
feel free and not having fear

33. My greatest weakness is _____________

Temporarily removed love, kiss, and red image
I fall in love easily

34. Some day I will become _____________

Image removed Image removed

35. I wish I could lose the fear of _____________

love, quotes, and movie image girl, light, and lips image
dissapointing people

36. I was proud of myself when _____________

Inspiring Image on We Heart It bisexual, film, and lgbtq image
I told my parents I was bisexual

37. I couldn't live without _____________

Image removed family image
my family

38. Tests like this are _____________

aesthetic, idea, and imagination image quotes, why not, and funny image

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