Physical appearance

I have a light skin, tight body and thin waist. I have little lips and big amber color eyes. I have brown mid-long hair.

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Casual look

I prefer comfortable clothes in my daily life. I wear oversize shirts, sweaters and cardigans. I can't live without sneakers. I prefer dark or ligt/soft colors. I don't like to wear colorful clothes. I like to wear lots of rings as a jewelery. I use a soft colors on my daily make-up or no make-up at all.

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Work look

At work, ı prefer comfortable clothes because I am standing all day. I usually use loose pants and shirts. Especially white shirts and dark colored pants. I wear masculene shoes because they are both comfy and elegand. I use light shades in my make-up.

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My hobbies

I like art and sport. I play the violin and I am acting. Drama is life for me. I also play tennis. And I like reading books and hanging out with my friends.

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My favorite quotes

I believe that nature feeds us and kindness feeds humanity.

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My insprations

My inspirations are nature, Audrey Herpburn, Aurora, Lana Del Rey and my beautiful happy women..

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