“Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.''
- Pindar

I think everyone has been in the situation of googling gift ideas, so today I'll give you a list with gift ideas. Scroll down, and you'll find the perfect gifts for the people you love!

Gift basket

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This is always good. Put some nice stuff together (depending on the person who gets the gift) and put in on a plate, in a basket or in a box. For the gift effect: wrap it in transparent foil and you're done!


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This might be an easy one, but if you're running out of time: this is perfect! You can go from shampoo to a face mask! Can't go wrong on this one.


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You can use photos in many ways, it depends on if you want to do it small or big! A few examples: photo in a picture frame, a photo book or print them in polariod.


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This is a really nice gift, but I want to add: please keep the receipt, because you might have a chance they would prefer something else.


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Accessories are always welcome for the outfit!

Perfume / body mist

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For girls and boys.


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Some decorations for their room, like a plaid or a little vase.


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You might think: how am I going to buy such things? Well, there's a simple solution: buy the accessories of the electronical stuff! For example buy a phone case or an airpod case.


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Who doesn't love food?

Going out

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At last but not least: go do something together! Make your own voucher for them and write want you want to do! A few examples are: going out for dinner, cinema or shopping.

That was the list. Hope you've found the right gift ♥
See ya!

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