Hey guys!

In my article about depression, I have mentioned that I like to draw. I am completely selft- thought, and have been on and off drawing for the last six or so years. Mostly, the reason why I took breaks from drawing, has been school which prevented me from exploring this hobby of mine. :)

Per today, I have one A4 sketchbook that is mostly completed, and one A5 sketchbook, that I am workin gon right now.

So today, I would like to talk about some ways you can fill your sketchbook. :)

1. Dpn't worry about the pieces not being finished.

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Your sketchbook belongs to you. It is up to you when you consider a peice finished, or when yu want to move on from an unfinished piece, because the concept doesn't inspire you anymore. Maybe you will come back to a drawing sometime later, and finish it with new energy and more ideas on how to improve it.

2. Take your sketchbook with you on the go, and doodle in your spare time during the day.

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You might not think that you have so much time, but you will see that you do. On your way to and from school/uni/work, you can draw on public transport ( a great way to practice drawing from life), you can draw during your breaks at school, or while waiting for your buss/train. Also, drawing can be a good way to pass time in boring classes (only if you can draw and listen at the same time. :D )

3. Make illustrated lists

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Anything from a to do list, to a seasonal bucket list will do. They are fun to make, and will also be more interesting to complete, as you will have a visual refferance to what you want to acchieve or obtain. :)

4. Draw comics

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This is a great way to fill in a page with multiple drawings, that might be smaller, but you can also explore your art style this way.

5. Try out different art styles

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This is a fun activity, as well as a good way to see what kind of art style you like the most, and what kind of art you would like to be making yourself.

6. Draw mandalas

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A great way to relax after a long day and express yourself creatively.

7. Draw from life

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This is a great way to practice and improve your skills. :)

8. Create your original charactters

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9. Draw tattoo designs you'd like to have

wallpaper image heart, rose, and wallpaper image
tattoo, butterfly, and nails image

10. Practice on things you don't draw that often, and need to work on

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That's it for today, guys! I hope you enjoyed this one! .:)