i hate this, so much, i miss you, i miss my bestfriend. promises? gone. things wont change? lies. i knew things would change but how the fuck do we go from talking 24/7 to 6 hours to 2 hours to 10 mins to nothing. simply nothing. like our 3 year friendship meant nothing, what hurts the most is you find time to talk to everyone else except the people who have been with you from the very beginning, through your best and worst phases, through every fucking thing you've been through. we've grieved with you. celebrated with you, had the funnest times and made the fucking coolest memories ever. i just don't get how one person can just forget about all of that. i was bawling my eyes out when i found out you were leaving. i would cry constantly the minute i thought about it. you gave me hope though, constantly reassuring me that nothing would change, we would still be sisters at heart no matter what. and i'm done. so fucking done. done of waiting for that call. waiting for a text back. but you wanna know the sad thing? deep down i know i'm not done,because i cant put the past three 3 years and a half behind me like they weren't anything ,as if they meant nothing but shit they meant everything. you truly were my sister, and i thought our friendship was strong enough to beat the distance. i guess not. i was even planning on visiting , and paying for everything if my parents refused to pay, i would've done it if it meant ill see you for a week because fuck i really miss you. i don't know if you miss me too, but i miss you so fucking much you have no idea. my mental health is honestly kinda fucked right now, it's not that bad which i'm grateful for because it could've been worse. i don't know how you are right know, but i hope you're happy, whether it's with your new friends or just life itself, because no matter what you were/are? such a big part of my life. i'm truly grateful we met, you made me so happy and you truly made me realize that i was looking at life with a glass half empty instead of a cup half full. i hope that i grow some courage to talk to you before our friendship ends becuase i really don't want it too. i love you. and i miss you.