hi , today am telling you worst , but real truth of life . and real is also dislike by people but i hope you should not hate it because i know someone in your life like that thing did it

two day is important in life that day you born .
and that day you know why you should born.
why always people think the person who stand in front of them are mad, uneducated, not smart like they behave we are nothing what a ... ........... it like so funny or so idiot i don't like it but you know that

weak people revenge
strong people forgive
intelligent people ignore
actually i am avoid that people cause they aren't important they are not deserve this value and

i am giving you free advice guys this people population is so much so we have to understand foolish people selfishness don't think if some one can hurt you then you hurt this article and don't broke your hurt because of such unsens able people don't waste your time because answer is on next post