Good morning Hearters, so this is like my first article that I wrote. I really love reading all the article in We Heart It, so im thinking why not try to do one too. So, yep, this is it.


Image by Marcela Arroyo flowers, nature, and pink image
i'll be a lavender-smell good and beneficial


autumn, fall, and nature image autumn, bike, and brown image


mint image cat, animal, and green image
i loveeee green


autumn, beautiful, and cold image


animals, cat, and cats image
Of course, Cat!

A clothing piece

dress, fashion, and black image blogger, fashion, and leather skirt image
Anything in black

A mythological creature

Temporarily removed black, black and white, and dark image


book, autumn, and bookstore image Temporarily removed
I'll be books. Definitely.


selena gomez and selena image Image by james juszczyk
Selena Gomez (yall know her)

A drink

autumn, fall, and drink image
Hot or cold drinks, i'll be coffee.


food image Image removed
A melted-cheese burger.

Disney Princess

bella, beuty, and disney image beuty and the beast image
Belle from Beauty and The Beast

A body part

Image by meg lips, red, and makeup image
A lip

Type of Hair

hair, flowers, and aesthetic image Mature image
Redhead-curly or straight

A school subject

art, couple, and doctor image Image removed
I am a nursing student, so any subject related in nursing.

An accessory

arabic, bracelet, and quotes image bracelet, fashion, and girl image
A bracelet

A word

yes, no, and light image Image by camila.
One of the greatest english words; YES.

Thank you for reading this! Hope you guys having a blast day.

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