So, school has oficially started in my country, and as a fellow sophomore high school student I think my mind kind of feels like a mess . I just feel like maybe other people might have the same feelings and fears about it.

My summer

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This summer was probably the summer I felt the closest to myself. I could finally, kind of love myself, even my therapist understood that I actually "changed" for the best. Probably because I finally took time for myself and I actually thought about me for a second. I cared about my happiness and how I could make myself feel better.
I remembered how much I liked to read books and watch some TV without caring much. I realised I'm a human amd not just a score on a paper.

This school year

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I know that school is tough and hard. There will probably be days that you will hate it. _The best thing you can do? Accept it. But there are so many ways to make school not so hateful. If you just see it from a different angle, you have your friends, your family, your best teachers who support you.But their support won't help you if you can't support yourself. Study for school not because you have to, not because you have to be the best. But because you want to,because you want to learn and because learning is beautiful. Have a schedule and follow it, also set small goals for every day. Don't get too tired.

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Take a break

Take time for yourself.Don't overstress about school. Study but also read your favourite book, watch some episodes of your favourite series, a nice movie, listen some music,whatever you like, you can even do nothing. Just remember that you can't study all the time, we all have the right to free time.

My mental health will never be less important than school

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* fangirl waving goodbye *