i just wanted to make my own version of this.
i've read some of these articles and these are the ones that inspired me the most.


aesthetic, alternative, and archive image brunette, curly hair, and fashion image aesthetic, shoes, and theme image piercing, lips, and septum image
my shoes are always dirty and i tend to paint on them, when im bored. i wear a lot oversized and i'm a wannabe skater. i want a septum so bad!


aesthetic, background, and emerald image sea image
i used to love all shades of blue, but right now i'm very much into emerald green


aesthetic, street, and vintage image cat, animal, and cute image
i would love to have a cat, but sadly my dad has an alergy to them


Image removed Image removed


aesthetic, boy, and art image book, aesthetic, and reading image thrifting and vinyls image mall, planet, and yellow image
playing cello, collecting records and books and thrifting


kill, planet, and black and white image breakfast, food, and delicious image love, equality, and immigrants image feminism, pink, and quotes image
i'm trying to save the planet with being vegetarian (almost vegan) and i like empowerment


sad, party, and quotes image crying, callie, and cries in bisexual image song, music, and andy warhol image aesthetic, meme, and opinion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, quotes, and grunge image


Image by K Y L I E aesthetic, alternative, and bricks image cool, couple, and cupid image book, girl, and aesthetic image
find out who i am, loving myself, find the love of my life and going to university


book, autumn, and harry potter image book, aesthetic, and golden hour image book, books, and review image manhattan, Central Park, and new york image quote and ari and dante image movies, center of my world, and die mitte der welt image
harry potter, call me by your name, they both die at the end, the falconer, aristoteles and dante discover the secrets of the universe, center of my world and so many more


call me by your name, oliver, and movie image Temporarily removed beautiful boy, timothee chalamet, and Steve Carell image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image
call me by your name, ladybird, beautiful boy (actually all movies with timothee chalamet lol) and harry potter


quotes, lips, and aesthetic image goodbye image grey, Lyrics, and notice image quotes and greek quotes image Freddie Mercury, Queen, and roger taylor image wallpaper and lockscreen image aesthetic, black, and pink image empowerment, lyric, and Lyrics image
harry styles, one direction, little mix, girl in red, queen, pink floyd lana del rey and taylor swift