ok...Hi all!
I can assume that I'm pretty obsessed with "aesthetic" articles, anyway I'm gonna post another one on stanger things (s3)


short hair, brown hair, and hair image Abusive image waffles, breakfast, and food image aesthetic, can, and coke image eyes, eye, and makeup image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image

Mike Wheeler

eyes, eye, and boy image art, black hair, and curly hair image stranger things, aesthetic, and vintage image stranger things and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It amazing, boy, and hands image

Will Byers

aesthetic, angel, and art image arcade, stranger things, and aesthetic image Image removed 80s and stranger things image Temporarily removed dark, hands, and aesthetic image

Dustin Henderson

Temporarily removed Image by Kaley aesthetic, 90s, and alternative image Image by estoni_elena compass, pirate, and vintage image vintage, bicycle, and indie image

Lucas Sincliar

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed grey, hands, and friends image eleven, stranger things, and mike image exo aesthetic and aesthetic image aesthetic, books, and theory image

Maxine Maynfield

hair image nike, vintage, and retro image chaussettes, vsco, and stylé image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, style, and aesthetic image

Nancy Wheeler

girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It eyes, glitter, and eye image stranger things image

Jonathan Byers

Temporarily removed dark room, photography, and red image car, vintage, and indie image vintage, music, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dark, and pale image Temporarily removed

Steve Harrington

aesthetic, blue, and nike image hair, aesthetic, and boy image Image removed blood, eleven, and monster image Temporarily removed stranger things image

Robin Buckley

Temporarily removed 80s, aesthetic, and ice cream image converse, red, and shoes image freckles, lips, and girl image Temporarily removed aesthetic image

Erica Sinclair

90s, puffs, and purple image food, ice cream, and dessert image aesthetic, neon, and pink image aesthetic, motivation, and physics image backpack, decora, and fashion image Temporarily removed

Billy Hargrove

fashion, jacket, and jeans image smoke, cigarette, and hand image blood, hands, and photo image red, aesthetic, and lightning image Abusive image Temporarily removed

Joyce Byers

Temporarily removed newspaper image cigarette, grunge, and indie image light and christmas image fashion, style, and outfit image phone, photography, and stranger things image

Jim Hopper

stranger things, aesthetic, and hawkins image coffee, brown, and vintage image car, night, and stranger things image aesthetic image food, breakfast, and eggs image Image by yellowchamomile

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