I turned 20 a week ago.

And in the year before that, I truly came to the realization of working on myself as a whole person. Since January I focused on improving my academic self, and I succeeded. I developed a hard work ethic and study habits and I was happy when they paid off.

Over the summer I decided to focus on my physical self. I lost weight, got into more healthy eating and I was happy. I didn't reach the point I wanted to, but I developed habits and the mindset to get me there.

Now that I've been 20 for a week I want to continue in this new mindset, new attitude and motivation to better myself in all aspects.
I want the last 3+ months of this year to be the best three and continue on my health journey, not because I'm twenty, or for the bikinis, or to feel attractive but actually just for myself and my happiness and my health.

Life is seriously too short to live for other people. I wanna look hot for me. Period.

If you wanna join me on this 100 Day challenge, no matter your position, level or goals I encourage you to do so! Let's create a community of fitness motivators to check up on each other and rave in our successes and support each other through the tough times, cuz we all know its not gonna be easy.

Today I start, see you in 100 days (ofc well chat in between), and feel free to join the community.

You have always been beautiful, you're just deciding to be faster, stronger and fitter. Remember that.


IG: https://www.instagram.com/rebeccactually/