Its a vicious cycle
Of building up and tearing down
Call it being a psycho
Stuck in a nervous breakdown
The circus brings out the clown
It's a tiring cycle
Of self criticism and self blame
It makes you a master of the game
The same thought makes its rounds
The mind becomes the playground
Feeding it power and control
It makes a prisoner of the soul
The thought becomes the gospel
It's a never ending cycle
Digging a hole so deep
Leaving behind a trash heap
So engulfed in the darkness
Looking for light becomes pointless
Numbness is all that echoes
In the caves of your being
It's a draining cycle
Such that help is needed
But help is neglected
Reinforcing lies of your strength
That solitude is the miracle
But solitude becomes the criminal
Who trespasses and steals
It's a breakable cycle
But your identity is so embedded
To it, you self worth was shredded
Carrying around the heavy luggage
Leaves you exhausted
They say throw away the garbage
But what will you be left with once you throw it away
This cycle, this damned cycle
Fighting for freedom from this deranged cycle
Fighting before it becomes reality
Fighting to upgrade life's quality
Fighting...then the doubt creeps in
Why are you fighting?
The cycle...repeats itself.