Hey sweeties!
Here in Portugal, school started today so I think a lot of people need to use these tips!! But if you’re not at school this can helps you too.
Hope you like it.
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My school colletion:

1|Declare a couch / pyjama day

Today you’ll not work more or work at all. Put your pyjama and sit on the sofa.

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2|Watch your favorite serie/movie

Sitting on the sofa put your favorite movie or serie and watch it how many times you want.

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3|Eat your favourite food

Is it pizza, hamburger… ? Today you can eat whatever you want!!

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Listen to your favorite song, happy songs, your favorite artist.

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5|Friends, family and friends

Talk to your friends and family and tell your fairs and everything is happening to you. Also hug your pets or someone’s pets, animals are magic!! If you don’t want to talk to no one just research for someone on the internet who’s feeling the same as you. You’re not alone.

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6|Take a bath

A bath or a long shower makes you feel relaxed, so fills your bathtub and take a long bath, take care of your body and hair.

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I love YouTube, you can watch so many different things. Research for what makes you laugh, self-help videos or meditation songs.

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8| Drink tea

There are a lot of teas with medicinal capabilities. Chamomile tea is relaxing so buy some and drink, like NOWWWW. You will feel better I swear.

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Last thing: You’re not alone sweetie, everybody feels bad sometimes (if you’re feeling bad more times than you feel good, ask for help!! That’s ok asking for help <3).
If all this didn’t help you can text me on the messages or in my instagram.

Love you guys.

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XOXO, Anita
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