Hey mis amores!
Today, september 13th, Sam Fender released his debut album and IS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE!

I have been waiting for this album to come out since febraury, so i was very excited

So, as usual, I am going to share with you my favourite lyrics from this amazing album:)

Samuel Thomas Fender (born 25 April 1994), is an English singer-songwriter who was named one of the BBC's Sound of 2018 alongside other emerging artists including Sigrid, Lewis Capaldi, and Khalid.[1] His single "Play God" was featured in the FIFA 19 video game. He won the Brit Awards Critics’ Choice for 2019 (and we all are very proud for it)
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Hypersonic Missiles is the debut studio album by English musician, Sam Fender. The album was released on 13 September 2019 through Polydor Records.

So without further ado, let's get into it!

1) Hypersonic Missiles

I watch the movies, recite every line and scene
God bless America and all of its allies
I'm not the first to live with wool over my eyes
I am so blissfully unaware of everything
Kids in Gaza are bombed while I'm just out of it
The tensions of the world are rising higher
We're probably due another war with all this ire
I'm not smart enough to change a thing
I have no answers, only questions, don't you ask a thing
When the bombs drop, darling
Can you say that you've lived your life?
They say I'm a nihilist 'cause I can't see
Any decent rhyme or reason for the life of you and me
But I believe in what I'm feeling, and I'm firing for you
This world is gonna end, but till then
I'll give you everything I've got
Oh, this is a high time for hypersonic missiles
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2) The Borders

Eight years old with a replica gun pushin' in my skull
Saying you're gonna kill me if I tell
Never did, and I never will
That house was living hell
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3) White Privilege

Don't wanna hear about Brexit, them old cunts fucked up our exit
I'm chewing popcorn, sitting in the back row
Watching while the whole damn thing implodes
The patriarchy is real, the proof is here in my song
I'll sit and mansplain every detail of the things it does wrong
'Cause I'm a white male, full of shame
My ancestry is evil, and their evil is still not gone
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4) Dead Boys

We close our eyes, learn our pain
Nobody ever could explain
All the dead boys in our hometown
We all tussle with the black dog
Some out loud and some in silence
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5) You're Not the Only One

Tonight these streets are heaving
With young hearts on the chase
Maybe we were born and raised too cynical
In the wake of a miracle, we'd never believe
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6) Play God

And he will play God
Am I mistaken?
Or are we breaking
Under weight from the long time
That he played God?
No matter who you are of where you’ve been
He is watching from the screen
Keeps a keen eye on the in between
From the people to the queen
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7) That Sound

Serotonin stole the moment
The best of me was left under the bed-sheets on that sombre morning
Dying for some REM
My mind is always troubled with
Where have I been and where am I going
Everybody wants to leave but no one wants to see you do it
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8) Saturday

Overtired, overworked, underpaid, under pressure
And if Saturday don’t come soon, I'm gonna lose my mind
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9) Will We Talk?

And she said
"If you dance with me, darlin'
If you take me home
Will we talk in the mornin'?"
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10) Two People

Outside, the world is turning
A different life you're yearning
But you just sit there burning
Lying in his fire
And, all the while, you're learning
Hope you're learning
That you just sit there burning
Lying in his fire
Two people under bedsheets
Two fists to play around with
One has to keep her mouth shut
Victims of a one-horse town
Two people under bedsheets
One does whatever he pleases
And one tries to speak to Jesus
But Jesus won't hear a sound
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11) Call Me Lover

These things we're taking
Make us run our mouths, but we never say anything
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12) Leave Fast

An old man told me to leave fast or stay forever
Leave fast or stay forever
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13) Use (Live)

They use my name as a scapegoat to cover their back
But I won’t ever attack, I move against the compulsion
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And listen to the other songs that did not make it to the album, like greasy spoon, start again, poundshop kardashians, etc.

Favourite songs:

  • White Privilege
  • Dead Boys
  • Saturday
  • Two People
  • The Borders