• This is pretty much just an appreciation post for beautiful women
  • Also these are just my opinions so u kno if you don't agree that's great
  • And there is no particular order i love them all

Natasha Lyonne

girl, pretty, and natasha lyonne image girl, pretty, and natasha lyonne image natasha lyonne, series, and smoke image natasha lyonne, russian doll, and series image
She is so cool and funny and slays every role she gets and has amazing style and I am obsessed

Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid, model, and hadid image beautiful, black&white, and model image gigi hadid, Burberry, and fashion image gigi hadid, model, and smile image
Her face is great obviously but besides that she is generally very likable and she just makes me smile

Shay Mitchell

Image removed Image by ☽ Amber Leigh ✩ shay mitchell image shay mitchell and style image
She is my girl crush since the first season of PLL in like 2011 so she will always have a special place in my heart


zendaya, beauty, and celebrity image beauty, celebrities, and fashion image zendaya and celebrity image zendaya image
Literal fashion icon, amazing actress with amazing personality and values what more do you need

Perrie Edwards

perrie edwards, little mix, and fashion image little mix, perrie edwards, and fashion image little mix, perrie edwards, and perrie image little mix, perrie edwards, and beauty image
She is a flower child and a representation of how I feel inside "peace, hugs & hippie love", she's a natural beauty and has an amazing voice which is very underrated and definitely deserves more attention


hwasa, kpop, and mamamoo image mamamoo, hwasa, and kpop image mamamoo, hwasa, and solar image solar, mamamoo, and moon byul image
In my opinion she's one of the most beautiul girls in kpop idk there's something about her thats so breathtaking to me


rihanna, beach, and riri image rihanna image beautiful, african american woman, and black woman image festival, rihanna, and rihanna navy image
I mean does this really need an explanation it's Rihanna

Nikita Dragun

celebrity, girls, and hair image Image removed Image removed fashion, glam, and looks image
I'm aware that she's not the most liked preson in the world but I'm sorry she's a boss ass bitch and that's the tea

Christina Aguilera

2000s, christina aguilera, and fashion image Image removed christina aguilera, beauty, and pretty image christina aguilera, girl, and pretty image
I'm glad that there isn't a comment option here beacuse like Beyonce can hold a candle on Xtina while she sings me a food menu and being the most iconic diva that she is

Ruby Rose

ruby rose image Image removed ruby rose image ruby rose image
Well.... You know....Who doesnt have a crush on her


kpop, lisa, and blackpink image blackpink, kpop, and lisa image lisa, blackpink, and rose image blackpink, lisa, and kpop image
The cutest lil bean on this planet but also badass I just adore her

Indya Moore

beauty, girl, and pose image indya moore image indya moore image indya moore and lia clay image
Beautiful face, beautiful soul, so inspiring and an amazing role model