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Today I decided to write about why I love fall. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons and they are both beautiful for diferent reasons.

Colors changing

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fall colors are really beautiful and really calming

Hot drinks

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coffee tastes better when its fall


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i feel like everyone bakes cookies this time of the year

Fall fruits

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Being able to wear sweathers without heavy jackets

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i hate hate hate wearing big sweathers with jackets because i can`t really move confortably in them


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i personally love wearing boots, so when it gets chilly outside I get really excited because usually it`s way too hot in Summer to wear them

Fall eye makeup

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i absolutely love fall makeup, i love the browns, the oranges the yellows…, they just look so beautiful in every skin tone and with any eye color

Dark lipstick

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makes you feel like a girl boss


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i love love love Halloween, i love decorating my house i love the sweets i love Halloween movies…

Not being sweaty all the time

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we all know that feeling

Fall music

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i always listen to sweather weather and somewhere only we know when fall begins


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i fell like everyone gets more cuddly when the weather gets colder


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they just make every room feel cosier

The rain

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the sound of the rain pouring is really relaxing

Coffee dates

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coffee tastes better when you`re with other people

Being able to workout outside during the day

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because it`s way too hot in the summer to do so

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