currently my fav singer is conan gray and I've been listening to his songs 24/7 lol. soo here are all of his songs ranked from "worst" (he doesn't have any bad songs) to best! I know he has more songs on youtube, but I wanted to only rank songs that have been officially released and are on spotify!

I got inspired from this <3:

10. idle town

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this song is very pretty and chill, but it's just not really my type.

9. comfort crowd

conan gray, comfort crowd, and single image
he just released this song so I haven't really gotten into it that well. but I do like the vibe and the music video is so cool!

8. the other side

alternative, blue, and Dream image
I love the lyrics so much and the harmonies in the chorus give me chills.

7. grow

grow, conan gray, and youtuber image
the chorus is so fun and up-beat. I always feel so happy listening to this song!

6. the king

boys, conan gray, and sunset season image
this song has such a fun beat. also the lyrics in the chorus are literally a mood lol.

5. lookalike

conan gray, sunset season, and album image
THE sad girl hours song. it makes me think of all the relationships that I've never even had XD.

4. greek god

conan, Lyrics, and music image
greek god gives me so many feelings. the lyrics are so sad yet beautiful. the melody is so pleasant!

3. generation why

90s, aesthetic, and conan image
the harmonies !! this song goes straight to my heart, it's just so unbelievably beautiful <3

2. crush culture

archive and love image
the most ICONIC conan gray song ever. the meaning of the song is my mood, It's so relatable in my case. idek what to say, this is just a perfect pop song!

1. checkmate

checkmate, clip, and Indie Pop image
my absolute fav song from conan is checkmate. it has a rock vibe to it and I just love dancing to it! this song is like my anger management song haha! I just love everything about this song so much. my fav part is the bridge in the end !

here's the link to all of his songs ;)

also make sure to check out his music videos they are all so cool and fun!!
thanks for reading!