Hello Everyone !

I'm thanking at the 11K because I'm totally rebel (and not late at all for the 10K 😉)

First of all, Thank You ! I've never been someone looking for followers, but it's really motivating to see the number grow a little more every day :)

There's plenty of news I want to tell you in this article, I'll try to make it short and efficient.

1. Articles

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I have many ideas of articles and want to post more often, I'm not going to promise you to post once or twice a week because I'm not enough organized for this, but I'll do my best to post what I call "regularly" ☺️

2. Daily Happy Dose

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I really want to continue my Daily Happy Doses, again I have to find the time to do so, but with enough motivation I can do it. I'll try to keep it daily, once again bear with me, it's hard finding enough time for everything every day :)

3. My poems

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I started to post some poetry I wrote on WHI a few months ago. It didn't last long, once again I'm not really regular, but I want to change the "format" and instead of images i'm going to write them in articles.
Go take a look ;)

Thank you ♥️

CeJe xxx