Drip drop drip goes the rain,
while waiting for you again.

Holding a red rose for the lady who took my heart,
don't turn me away, as I make this new start.

Keeping me up at night,
smiling at me with bright light.

A Goddess who came from heaven,
calling for me at eleven.

Wearing a red dress for our first date,
but as midnight struck, came back our fate.

She is a key, unlocking my hidden emotions.
I saw us sitting at the beach, looking at future oceans.

Proposing to her with slow gestures,
taking in each moment with precautionary measures.

As affection was accepted,
caused joy to be intercepted.

Living every second with you,
while looking at the past as we grew.

Remembering the day I first saw you,
you were the one, I knew.

By: Tahreem H.