Hello! I was quite busy these days so I will upload my last three articles today. To be honest, it is a quite bitter sweet feeling, but I think I will continue writing about Selene when I have free time :/ . Please message me if you would like to hear more about Selene, or suggest something else! Thank you for your kindness!
So with no more talking, I am doing this challenge by @brownhaireddreamer and I am writing about a mythical character.

I suggest doing this challenge because it willl help you boost your creativity and imagination and it's also better than scrolling all day on instagram or youtube.
Day thirteen
what's your character's biggest secret, the one they wouldn't dare to tell anybody?

Selene doesn't want to tell anyone about her idenity, because she is afraid that her friends will spread her secret and/or won't accept her. In a world that mythical creatures, ghosts and paranormal stuff are considered fake, something that proves that they exist, would create major confusion and a lot of conflicts between human and "mythical" species. She is wise enough to know not to reveal such a big secret. Another thing she is too shy to tell her friends and even her sister, whop supports and loves her endlessly, is that she has a crush on Goga. She doesn't even want to admit it to herself.

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