If I were a fairy I would travel to every place in the world free of cost cause I could fly. DUH! I'd zoom across the skies above beautiful orchards and thriving cities brimming with spirituality, life and science. Yeah, I'd be THAT kind of a fairy. And by "THAT" I mean a fairy that doesn't live in a technology deprived world.

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I have always found the concept confusing of fairies not being able to exist simultaneously with technology. I'm a strong advocate of the idea that fairies COULD exist with technology. In fact, I think fairies would THRIVE with technology especially because I figure they'd LOVE flying cars. It'd be sort of like what us normal folks feel about being able to drive cars instead of having to walk. The fairies would feel the same, only they'd FLY the cars instead of driving them.

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I know I know. This all seems a bit too far fetched and y'all are probably thinking I'm a stupid kid whose parents let her stay up past bedtime. But the thing is, I'm not. I just turned 18 recently and that technically makes me an adult. But I think it's important in life to not get swept away by all the events and the flow of things. It's even more important to hold on to the child within you.

For me. That child within me loves to wonder. She's very curious and also loves to annoy people for no good reason. But most importantly, she loves making up stories. Cause even though she grew up. She never stopped believing in fairies. Or what they symbolize thereof. A free world where everyone can fly about and be themselves. A world where beauty isn't defined by the superficial but by what's within. A world where evil always loses and love always wins.

Keeping your inner child alive doesn't mean you've got to go around making up stories and start playing with little techno fairy toys (even though there's no problem with doing that either). But it means that you should start putting all your childhood lessons to work. There's a reason we used to read fairy tales as children. There's a reason why all Disney movies always had a happy ending even though the Grimm brothers' original tales never did. And that reason. Our reason. It is to always keep believing in the greater good. To always be idealistic. To always keep the child within us happy, wandering, and shining brighter than the brightest star.

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May you never loose the sparkle in your eyes and the joy in your hearts. From one child to another.

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