When I think of space, I think of infinity.

If I ever get a chance to visit space, I might discover a new element or some kind of rock that isn't on the Periodic Table.
I might meet a new friend from some planet I do not know.
Or I might not even be bothered to look for anything...once I am finally there.

I could leap off one star to another, like flying in an endless sky.

I could shout or sing a favourite song of mine at the top of my lungs, until I lose all of my voice.

Paint the stars red, blue, yellow. Maybe add some glitters to them. Anything, who knows.

Freedom, that is the other word I can think of.
Freedom, because it is a place where you can do anything - a place where you can just simply be you without worrying that anyone is there to judge.

Just you and yourself alone in this infinity. Wouldn't that be great?

thank you so much for reading ! you guys are the best :)