Water-retaining granules are often adscititious to growing medium to extend its ability to retain water for extended periods of your time. They will facilitate cut back the demand of frequent watering throughout dry spells and area unit significantly handy in hanging baskets and containers, and wherever coarse-textured free-draining potting media is employed.

Water retaining gel is additionally known as K polyacrylate or SAP. It’s a replacement perform compound with unbelievable water absorption ability. Actually, one gram water holding gel will absorb 300-1000 gram water. For plants, it will absorb water and switch to water gel once it's descending or irrigated. And once the time of year coming back, water gel will unharnessed water heater to plant’s root.

Advantages for plants

–Improve seed germination Associate in Nursingd emergence to allow plants an early, health begin.
–Save the irrigation, increase crops and fruit yield.
–It contains K, Phosphorus gas and unharnessed the fertilizer potency slowly.


Common plants and crops

15 to thirty kilogram per acre indefinite quantity, in conjunction with seeds whole application or ditch application to the soil round the seed. The seed germination rate will effectively improve and promote seed plant growth. Gets success planting corn within the U.S, pasture in arid space of province, potatoes adult in land Africa, and potato yield increase over a pair of times.

Seed coating

For Seed coating use, the particle size of SAP ought to be zero.3 millimeter or less. It will facilitate seeds emergence quickly, robust and sensible unwellness resistance. This can be the simple out there thanks to use SAP for plants in drought space, that additionally with tiny amount, low value and sensible performance.

Gardening, husbandry and landscape

SAP is right for intermixture soil matrix, for indoor and outside pots, planters, window boxes, balconies, terraces, roofs, hanging, gardens and town landscape. Planting woody plant, flower, grass, vegetables are out there. Exploitation SAP will bring water-saving, labor saving, time-saving advantages and cut back the drought or wilt risk inflicting by very long time no watering the plants, longer the inexperienced time and therefore the blossom amount.

Lawn and course

Application in golf and field will save regarding 50%-70% water, cut back the price of maintenance, and eve regarding 30%-50% fertilizer. Field grows quicker, healthier, and therefore the inexperienced last longer. It additionally creates less pollution caused by the loss of fertilizer.


Using 10-20g SAP will double the survival rate of young trees once planting tree seedlings (bare root).
For adult deciduous fruit trees, place the SAP with fertilizer, in love a hoop groove or furrow within the root space. The indefinite quantity is informed the soil condition, tree size and therefore the ditching state of affairs, ought to usually be zero.3% of the backfill soil and fertilizer.
Water-retaining granules swell too repeatedly their size once wet and act as a hand with watering. Keeping various containers and hanging baskets wetted are often terribly long however by adding granules to the compost at the time of potting it should cut back the number of times youought to water.

However the addition of granules doesn't replace the necessity for normal checking of instrumentality plants for watering desires, particularly once the plants area unit growing powerfully and through dry weather.