All my life I dreamt of living in the city. I would spend countless hours watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gossip Girl, and Sex and the City in hopes that one day I myself could live the same life.

And now I am, single, no guy holding me back anymore, on my own at the age of 22. I packed all my stuff up, said goodbye to my family and friends and left all that I had ever know.

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I had the opportunity and took the risk. Was it scary? Hell yeah. I have never been so far away from my family ever. I miss my friends I have known for years. But they get it. They understand why I made the decision. I have been through so much and 2019 was the year of letting go and growth for me. Without going through all the struggles I wouldn't be who or where I am today.

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New York opens doors you never even thought were possible. Especially if you are from a small town like me. It's unbelievable. From work opportunities, to all the friendships you make and people from all over the world you meet. You are taught something new everyday, about yourself and what you are capable of.

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Put yourself out there. Don't be scared. And if you are, just make the jump anyways. I promise you after the fact you'll realize it wasn't even that scary in the first place. And please don't ever let a guy or anyone stop you from accomplishing your dreams.

Follow your dreams, take risks and live your life the way you want !


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