Hi guys, I already made this tag, but I think there are some new questions, so I wanted to do it too jajajaja

◽1. what is your favorite color:

black and white, cinematography, and lucas image

◽2. what is your least favorite color:

mean girls, burn book, and pink image
Pink, but only the pink really pink...

◽3. who is your girl crush:

bikini, girls, and nature image
Still Demi.

◽4. heels or flats:

aesthetic, bde, and black image
I'm obsessed with this kind of shoes.

◽5. window or aisle seat:

travel, airplane, and sea image
window, i've never traveled on a plane, and I'm afraid of heights... But I think window just bc jaajjaja

◽6. tattoos or piercings:

Image removed

◽7. coffee or tea:

Abusive image
tea, forever.

◽8. if you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called:

coke, drugs, and fucked up image
"the best bad choices"

◽9. what is the last country you visited:

colors, mexico, and rainbow image
just Mexico

◽10. what is your favorite country to visit:

job search, jobs in australia, and australia jobs image Image removed
Australia and Germany

◽11. favorite city:

city, new york, and building image
new york, I've never been there, but I like it
yungblud, alternative, and emo image

◽12. favorite music genre: I'm obsessed with Yungblud, alternative rock and pop hahaha

◽13. who was the last person you talked to on the phone:

mom, tattoo, and quotes image
my mom

◽14. if you could play any instrument, which one would it be:

90s, actor, and aesthetic image
the guitar, I have one, and for like, seven or more years I've been trying to learn, but I just can't.

◽15. if you could do one sport really good, which one would it be:

athletics, lilac, and lines image
atletism, I can't run fast for more than a minute bc I can die... I have asthma...

◽16. if you could only have one tattoo, which one would it be:

tattoo, heart, and brain image
I actually have this one, a little small.

◽17. summer or winter:

winter, snow, and landscape image
winter, forever

◽18. savory or sweet:

chocolate, dessert, and foot image Chicken, food, and potatoes image

◽19. dogs or cats:

cat, animal, and kitten image
cats, forever

◽20. favorite flower:

cactus, grain, and green image
don't like flowers, I always kill them. But I like cactuses.

◽21. favorite actor:

noah centineo image
I love his vibe

◽22. favorite actress:

lily collins image
I can't with her.

◽23. favorite holiday:

Image by Ariel0358

◽24. if you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be:

kylie jenner, kylie, and jenner image

◽25. what was your new year resolution:

I don't have any.

◽26. what is the cutest thing in the world:

cat, kitten, and cute image
cats, and baby animals.

◽27. what is the coolest thing in the world:

book, aesthetic, and reading image

◽28. if you could go to any concert, which one would it be:

Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰

◽29. who makes you laugh the most:

cats, happy, and smile image
my mom and sister

◽30. if you could have one superpower, which one would it be:

glasses and invisible image Temporarily removed
invisibility or shapeshifting

◽31. if you could have dinner with someone, dead or alive, who would it be:

audrey hepburn, beauty, and woman image
Audrey Hepburn

◽32. who is your idol:

demi lovato, demi, and Queen image

◽33. what movie makes you cry every time you watch it:

movie, love rosie, and alex stewart image
Love, Rosie.

◽34. which tv show are you currently watching:

Image removed Image removed
Criminal Minds and The resident

◽35. your favorite book:

book image
The red queen-Victoria Aveyard

◽36. must-have beauty product:

eos, rainbow, and cute image

◽37. what is your zodiac sign:

tattoo, scorpio, and scorpion image

◽38. eye colour:

a4, amateur, and brown eye image

◽39. hair color:

brad, brown, and brunette image

◽40. what is your favorite thing to wear:

fashion, outfit, and girl image

◽41. what is the best way to destress:

Image by vessel netflix, pizza, and tea image
music and movies

◽42. dream job

airplane, flight attendant, and plane image
I've always wanted to be a flight attendant

◽43. a place you would like to visit:

Image removed

◽44. favorite quotes:

aesthetic, dark, and neon image outfit and isabel salas image
"Stay strong" and "Creer es crear" it means 'to believe is to create'

◽45. when was the last time you cried:

triste and larmes image
last Sunday

◽46. favorite sound:

rain, city, and autumn image

◽47. iPhone or Android:

cellphones, iphone, and iphonexsmax image

◽48. what are your passions:

dougie, pasion, and love image

◽49. one movie that you watch over and over again:

couple, twillight, and love image

◽50. do you like surprises:

aesthetic, no surprises, and radiohead image
not really

◽51. favorite animal:

cat, cute, and animal image

◽52. whom would you take on a brunch:

bitchy, boy, and fake image
My family

◽53. what would you eat on that brunch:

food and fruit image
idk, brunch food

◽54. one thing you couldn't live without:

aesthetic, alternative, and book image

◽55. on a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you about life right now:

quotes image

◽56. favorite band:

photoshoot, pierre bouvier, and simple plan image
Simple Plan

◽57. favorite solo artist:

Abusive image aesthetic, confident, and demi lovato image
Yungblud and Demi Lovato

◽58. favorite smell:

food, fries, and yummy image pizza, food, and cheese image
french fries and pizza

◽59. scary movies or happy endings:

scream, Chucky, and Halloween image
Horror movies but not alone

◽60. favorite childhood movie:

autumn, harry potter, and fall image
Harry Potter

◽61. favorite movie now:

twilight, bella, and jacob image

◽62. what color is your toothbrush:

aesthetic, black, and purple image
white and blue

◽63. what curse word do you use all the time:

fuck image

◽64. what are you most excited about these days:

green and grunge image
nothing, actually

◽65. name an outdoor activity that you love doing:

blanket, couple, and grass image
picnic with my family

◽66. what color dress would you wear to prom:

dress image

◽67. what was your first job:

Image by Kris
I've never worked.

◽68. are you scared of the dark:

castle, Darkness, and dystopian image

◽69. what was the name of your first pet:

turtle, cute, and animal image
I had two turtles named Fluffy and Tori

◽70. best piece of advice ever given to you:

follow, have, and just image
Just live, don't overthink

◽71. are you left or right handed:

eyes, eye, and grunge image

◽72. best compliment you have ever received:

Image by S🦋
'bout my eyes

◽73. what is one advice you would give to your younger self:

my chemical romance, mcr, and quotes image
If you speak yourself, you'll be heard

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