bonjour, everyone! i'm bored right now, so i decided to share my favorite lyrics from katy perry! I will be providing what song and album they are from. and i have a lot, so be prepared. enjoy!

say my name like a scripture, keep my heart beating like a drum

Temporarily removed girl, light, and blue image
- legendary lovers, prism

i want to live a thousand lives and be your immortal flame

titanic, love, and leonardo dicaprio image candle, purple, and skull image
- immortal flame

but let me be first, baby, to say "i'm sorry"

kiss, gay, and boy image flowers, Buddha, and garden image
- it takes two, prism

i smell like a rose and i pierce like a thorn

rose, gif, and anime image red, blood, and aesthetic image
- hey hey hey, witness

make me your aphrodite

boy, couple, and girl image music, world, and black and white image
- dark horse, prism

don't play cheap with your heart

gucci, pink, and luxury image Temporarily removed
- if you can afford me, one of the boys

baby, you're a firework; come on, let your colors burst

fireworks, pink, and dark image concert, light, and black image
- firework, teenage dream

you're brighter than all of the northern lights

Image by Alba eye, eyes, and blue image
- double rainbow, prism

wasn't gonna let love take me out that way

flowers and yellow image dress, fashion, and green image
- by the grace of god, prism

so put your rose-colored glasses on and party on

fashion, sunglasses, and glasses image Image by ♡
- chained to the rhythm, witness

we went from strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime

romantic, aesthetic, and vintage image blue, palm, and palm trees image
- small talk

snow while said when i was young "one day my prince will come" so i wait for that date

snow, winter, and deer image Image by granmaster_by
- not like the movies, teenage dream

saw a balloon floating away, and i thought "did someone let go, or did they lose it?"

Image by ⓣⓞⓑⓘⓘⓘ clouds, sky, and pink image
- miss you more, witness

get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now, that's what you get for waking up in vegas

chandelier, luxury, and light image mask, gold, and masquerade image
- waking up in vegas, one of the boys

'cause i'm a goddess and you know it

ghetto, pink, and roleplay image Temporarily removed
- power, witness

heaven is jealous of our love

Christ, faith, and jesus image love, rainbow, and couple image
- walking on air, prism

au revoir! - liv 🦋✨

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